Kotex Close Friends


Meet the Close Friends, the first Instagram girl only community in Israel, that was born out of a new advertising method called Brand Movement, and at it’s core the desire to show the product with an insight that will empower the consumers, while establishing a relationship and conversing with the audience.

The community is on Instagram, and fits the target audience of the platform, which allows us to keep the balance of open conversation and intimacy with the followers, along with a team of 9 unique and colorful ambassadors, who create individual content, and all together are combined into a big and varied package. The followers can ask questions and request the team members to talk about the top and most relevant issues, who answer from their own personal point of view.

The features in the platform, mostly survey and open questions, help us to provide the consumer the information and content that give her added value. The products are combined together with the ambassadors’ content, with the brand’s agenda.

This activity won the SPOTLIGHT award in a creative competition by Globes- financial newspaper and Facebook Israel.

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