Galaxy studios


The Launch campaign for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra let’s us in the Galaxy Studios, a kind of a parallel world where the Team members create their own content, each in their own world.
It’s possible to see there a clear division to the worlds of beauty, TikTok, YouTube (vlogging), gaming and more. Into each world we attached team members and while they are using the new Galaxy they demonstrate the new and varied features, great features for the content creators of Gen Z: 8K video quality, slow motion options, sophisticated zoom options, perfect creators feature called Director’s Mode , Vlogger mode and so on..
instead of another generic commercial, we created with Samsung an amazing world that is the perfect playground for each and every content creator in Israel.

The video had an amazing success online – passed the 1 million views and also starred in the best YouTube videos for over a week. no doubt that we cracked the code with Samsung for the right connection between an awesome content creators team and true messages that really touch almost each and every teen and young adult.

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